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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Festival survival essentials! | Dolly Daydream

Hello lovely people!

Today I decided to do a post on what I believe to be some festival survival essentials for you. I had this idea as festival season is beginning. Last year I attended Glastonbury with my friends and I had a lot of comments on the things I took with me and how useful they were so I have decided to share some of them with you :) so lets get into it...

Lets start with body products.

Now for the most of us festivals sadly mean no showers :'( and the best way I found to tackle this is to buy an array of wet wipes! I took with me deodorising body wipes, these are great- they clean you and you guessed it.. deodorise you too! I got mine from Savers for less than £1. Now lets get in to the nitty gritty and don't be shy, feminine intimate wipes are a must, you don't wanna be getting no problems down there at a festival! Fem fresh is a popular brand but there are many (cheaper) alternatives available. Lastly a good long lasting deodorant and a refreshing body mist or spritz will have you feeling at least relatively fresh!

Now for make-up!

It goes with out saying but you are going to spending a lot of time outside and (hopefully) the sun will be shining, so make sure to have a good moisturiser and lip balm with an SPF in! I use Piz Buin 50+ Allergy Face Cream and Maybelline Baby Lips in Mint. For a base I'd go for a BB cream, not too heavy but good coverage and again SPF! I chose to use the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream for oily skin. This product has a good buildable coverage, SPF 15 and comes in 2 shades. A really good no budge concealer is also a must, I like to use, you guessed it, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. It's cheap it's cheerful, has great coverage and good staying power. Speaking of staying power, a good powder is highly recommended to help keep everything in place. I suffer with oily skin and live by the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in translucent. Last of all, mascara is one thing you definitely need to be weather/ emotion proof when at any festival. So I opt for a good waterproof one (generally of the Maybelline variety) that way if is raining or I'm a but sweaty/oily from the sun or even crying (good tears) watching my favourite band you won't end up looking like a panda!

And finally, hair care...

To get that free, easy, I'm so cool and at festival hair you will need at least one can of dry shampoo. My favourite is the Tresemme Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo, it smells great and does the trick better than most others I have tried. Some sort of leave in curlers can be a life saver, I took foam bendy hair curlers with me (the long thin bendy ones) and boy were they a hit amongst me and my friends. Last of all, my holy grail hair brush.. the Tangle Teaser. This was a god send especially after 3/4 days of no washing, a lot of dancing, all the elements and A LOT of dry shampoo.

I hope you find this useful. I have been to quite a few festivals now and have a pretty good routine of tried and tested products I would never go with out. This is by no means everything I would take, if I told you that it would be an even longer post, I have just picked a few of my favourites and what I believe people may forget/not think of.

Please let me know if you have any requests or feedback in the comments.

Lots of Love
HF x

PS. Sorry there are no pictures, I'm waiting for my new camera to arrive :)

Monday, 6 August 2012


Hey lovely interweb peoples! i haven't been the most active blogger since creating this blog but I plan on getting back into it :)

This is just a short post to say that I'm excited to get back into the swing of things and sorry (if anyone cares) for my absence! 

Also I have gone a bit ebay crazy recently and am selling quite a lot of things on my shop, if you are interested in some bargains please take a look

I am selling a number of items from topshop, warehouse and other places so please have a browse

Thanks for staying subscribed to me if you have.

Love HF x 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Beauty Truths

Heyy lovely people of the interweb, I would just like to start this post with an update for any of you whom may care :) I have been a bit absent as of late as I have been doing my 2nd year degree exams (booooo..). I have been super busy living my whole life studying at the library but am back and plan on blogging a lot! Today I finished for the summer (woooooo!!) and was very happy to see my blog views increasing! I would also like to thank my very small amount of followers, so yeah thank you all for taking the time to press that join button!

Now to the point of this blog.. i have been challenged by the lovely Melanie Jane from Wall Of Mirrors to complete her beauty truths challenge! The idea is to divulge 5 of your darkest beauty faux pas or beauty related feelings of yourself which you would never normally dream of saying! Its a bit daunting but here it goes...

  1. I don't drink enough water.. now i know this is bad for you in many ways and especially for you skin! Drinking more can make such a difference but I always find myself feeling dehydrated
  2. WARNING.. a bit of a gross one! I can't help but pick spots! I know its wrong and I shouldn't but just can't help myself!
  3. This is stolen from Melanie.. I'm awful at cleaning my make up brushes, im also going to make a conscious effort to improve this! 
  4. I ALWAYS forget to floss even though its staring me in the face when I got for the tooth paste!
  5. When I'm bored I play with my hair and pick at my split ends yet still moan about the condition of my hair.. (own fault much?)
So there you have it my five beauty truths in a nut shell! 

The next part of this challenge is to challenge 5 other bloggers so it gets pasted on as much as possible!


I look forward to hopefully reading your beauty truths!

Lots of Love 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

My top 8 skin care tips

Hey lovelies :) Today I've decided to do a post on skin care as in the last couple of months i have become obsessed by it! Just so you know my skin type is combination/oily so I have dry patches and very oily patches, I also suffer with hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring and am prone to breakouts at 'that time of month' or when stressed! So here are 8 tips/rules I live by..

1. Remove your make up thoroughly every night..
-personally I like to cleanse and tone every night, however we all have our lazy nights (don't pretend you don't! haha) so have some make up/baby wipes for those occasions i.e. when arriving home suitably merry at 3am!

2. Moisturise every night before bed.
-this is something i didn't use to do in fear it would hinder my skin by clogging it and cause breakouts.. I couldn't have been more wrong! Night time is when your skin and body in general does it's repairing and a good moisturiser can help this process massively! Also if you skin is too dry it will produce excessive amounts of oil which is much more likely to cause breakouts!

3. Wash your pillow cases regularly/ switch the pillow you sleep on..
-this may sound like a strange one to some of you but trust me it makes sense! If your constantly sleeping with your face against the same pillow night after night it will get dirty from natural oils and wear off of any night products you may use, and no surprise this can cause those dreaded breakouts!

4. Deep exfoliate your face 3/4 times a week depending on you skin type..(more if your oily less if your dry). If you do this too much you will strip the skin of natural essential oils, which in turn will result in worse skin!

5. Try to only wear make up when necessary and remember you don't have to cake it on everyday to look pretty :) If your not planning on leaving the house one day you don't need to wear any so let your skin breath and just cleanse and moisturise like normal!

6. Try not to pick spots..
- now as gross as this may seem i know that this will be a lot of peoples guilt pleasure (I'm guilty as charged), when you see a whitehead there instinct is to pop it! But in doing this you're just encouraging the bacteria to spread around your face and potential increase the breakout.. uh oh! Tip: try using sudocrem on active breakouts!

7. Wear and SPF on your face every day of the year regardless of weather or season!
- This will help you protect you skin from the suns harmful rays and reduce sun spots, ageing and skin cancer so can only be a good thing, right?!

8. Last of all.. get to know your skin!
- do some research or seek out advice if you're not sure of your skin type and then buy products according to it and you will see results!

I hope this has been interesting/helpful :) please let me know what you think!

Can you give me any skin care tips? 
Do you do anything differently?

Lots of Love HF x

DISCLAIMER: These are just some things i have learnt in my 21 years and wish someone had told me as a teen! The tips/rules i follow are just my opinion on what i like to do, you do not have to follow them and they might not work for you as skin is extremely different for everyone! :)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

NOTD- Apricot Punch Summer Scented Nails

For my first 'nail of the day' (NOTD) I decided to go for a pretty, simple, summery nail with some glitter for fun. The weather is still pretty awful here in the UK, regardless of the fact we should be getting towards summer. So I decided to brighten things up with my nails (and possibly encourage some sunshine).

To go bright I went for a peachy orange colour nail varnish from the Rimmel London Lasting Finish I <3 Fruities collection (a bit of a mouthful I know!), in the shade 053 Apricot Punch. As I had gone with a fairly plain manicure i decided to add some sparkle to my forth finger on each hand in the form of Rimmel London's Rock Your Colour glitter top coat in 002 Disco Gold.
Now let me start with Apricot Punch. I bought this about a year ago and loved the colour in the jar, but on application i realised it looks a rather different shade. Its quite a bit brighter and more orange than in the jar and the application isn't the best ( you need nearing 4 coats which is pushing it I'd say), so i put it away. Recently, I decided I really like the colour after rediscovering it so put up with the slightly streaky non-pigmented application and give it another chance. No surprise the application hasn't magically improved and i have noticed the fruity scent when dry (which I cannot make my mind up about, if you don't like scented beauty products though I can guarantee you will hate this).

The glitter however is great, i got this as a gift last Christmas and am half way through the bottle (my house mates do love it too though). It's a fine gold glitter with blue/green reflex in a clear base. It's a great top coat and doesn't feel rough from the glitter. If you are looking for a more concentrated glitter to have a glitter covered nail this isn't the varnish for you, but if you want it for a topcoat like i have use its perfect!

Overall, I love this nail look but think I will have a love hate relationship with Apricot Punch and will not repurchase it if/when it runs/dries out. However I will definitely be trying to repurchase Disco Gold.. lets hope it doesn't get discontinued!

Sorry for the long post, it sort of turned into a review. Please comment with future blog ideas and subscribe if you enjoyed this post :)

What do you guys think of rimmel nail polishes?
Have you tried the scented range?

Lots of Love HF x